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Minibus Hire in St Albans is an all in one web based minibus and coach hire provider. We offer minibus with driver in Salisbury for an A to B transfer and a return trip available as well. You can receive an instant quote by checking out our online booking system. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and enter all relevant details in the fields provided. We will then ring or email you to confirm the booking and take payment. St Albans is in the AL1 Postcode region.

All drivers will be fully certified and fully equipped with GPS and communication systems. Journey details will be kept on file and they will then contact you approximately 10 to 15 minutes before the journey.

is a city which is based in the Hertfordshire and is located in the south eastern part of the country. London is very close to the city and the mileage in between comes to just twenty five miles. There is also a wider urban area of the city and this falls somewhere on the outskirts of Northern London.

The population of the city is around seventy thousand and some of the districts, nearby towns, villages etc include Luton, Watford, Bricket Wood, Lemsford, Sandridge, Chiswell Green, Jersey Farm and also Park Street.

In terms of history the St Albans area goes as far back as the Roman existence and it became a major town and establishment under their rulings. It was under a different name at the time, namely Verulamium. The name of the city derives from the first Christian martyr and he was beheaded way back in 300 AD. He is said to have refused to give up his Christian beliefs and thus suffered these consequences. Many people from this city travel to London as commuters and it is also renowned for having some of the most expensive properties in the whole United Kingdom.

There are many historic and other wise attractions in the city and these include the St Albans Abbey, St Albans Cathedral, St Alban’s School, River Ver, The Fighting Cocks, The Roman Wall, Alban Arena, St Albans Museum, Francis Bacon School and also the Townsend School. Also worthy of a mention are the Kingsbury Watermill Museum, St Michaels Street and the Roman Mosaics. St Albans is in the AL1 Postcode region.

In terms of transport the city of St Albans has two railways stations and these are the St Albans City and also the St Albans Abbey Railway stations. The trains are said to be running on a regular basis and nearly every twenty minutes. It is very close to the town centre of the city and there are also various taxi stands outside as well.